In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

Malice has come out of their mouths while what is concealed in their hearts is still worse 3:118

In the style of the flag of the Saudi state “Adolf Wilders” has printed a sticker to spread, on which he placed the following: “Islam is a lie, Muhammad is a criminal and the Qur’an is poison”. And we seek refuge from Allah (swt) against his statements. Nobody with common sense has any doubt that these words are an insult against Islam and the Muslims, and it has no other use less to provoke and humiliate. Despite this fact, none of the embassies of the so-called ‘Muslim countries’ have shown a sign of rejection or protest. There has been no protest. Not even by the ‘Saudi state’ whose flag has been humiliated.

The government and some politicians in the Netherlands have done nothing except to lay emphasize on their freedom of speech and have condemned Wilders for his provocative manner. None of them has regretted a word which is shown on the sticker. Not even out of courtesy for the Muslims in this country. They have only regretted it’s manner. So, the disagreement between the politicians is not regarding their stance on Islam, the Prophet (saw) of Islam or the Book of Islam. It is only a disagreement in the way it’s stance has been expressed.

Dear Muslims in the Netherlands

The insult of your religion, the mocking of your Prophet (saw) and your Qur’an is not a stance of a specific person. It is a political stance which is being supported widely by the politicians, despite their differences in the way on how to ventilate it. That is why we advise you not to give attention to someone whose end will be a death due to his own hate and will finish in the garbage heaps of history. However, you should pay attention to its political stance, despite the people who are behind it. 

Dear Muslims in the Netherlands

We know that change of this hostile and humiliating political stance against Islam and its sanctuaries can only be realized with a Khilafah state. We do indeed realize this, and we work for it and call upon you to work together with us to realize this aim. And we also realize that the Islamic Ummah is an Ummah of goodness and that this Ummah, despite the fact that the Khilafah is absent, will not accept insult of her religion and mocking of her Prophet (saw). How can she accept this, while she knows that the silence of the righteous people will make evil people think that they are right. That is why we refer ourselves to the sons of this noble Ummah to make their religion prevail and protect their sanctuaries with all possible legal manners and ways. And we call upon them to join us during our campaign which has started under the motto: ‘The message of Islam” to acquaint with this religion of truth and His noble Prophet (saw).

O you who have believed, if you support Allah , He will support you and plant firmly your feet (47:7)


Hizb ut Tahrir the Netherlands

19 Safar 1435 H.

Website: www.hizb.nl 
Campaign website “the Message of Islam”: www.deboodschapvanislam.nl (27-12-13 online InsjaAllah)

Hizb ut Tahrir Nederland