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De moslims moeten zich uitspreken en Islam verdedigen (Engels)


The recent remarks by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams sparked an unprecedented and shocking response from British society. Because he made some comments that were interpreted as being supportive of Muslims and was critical of the ability of secular Britain to accommodate believers of any religion, he has been called "bonkers" and branded a "traitor" by media outlets.

Muslims were told we overreacted when we saw the cartoons mocking our beloved Prophet (saw) and insulting our deen, but the response to Dr Williams's relatively mild comments saw a racist, xenophobic and hostile attitude from the media and society in general towards Islam and Muslims. This, when we are repeatedly told how tolerant, pluralistic and moderate secular western society is!


Dear Muslims

This bigotry is not isolated to Britain. Apart from the cartoons against the noble Prophet (saw) two years ago and the current attack on Shariah, we have seen the hijab banned in France, and now calls to ban the Qur'an from a Dutch member of parliament! Secular fundamentalists in modern Europe use the mantra of freedom of speech to draw cartoons against the Prophet (SAW) and insult the Shariah while at the same time calling for the Qur'an to be banned! This is the hypocrisy of their ‘freedom', one rule for them and one rule for the Muslims.

What we are witnessing in Britain and in the west in general is an all out attack on Islam, on its aqeeda, values, rules and laws. Their aim is, through intimidation, fear and harassment, to strip the Muslim community from her Islam, while at the same time occupying and bringing terror to our lands and supporting corrupt tyrannical regimes in the name of bringing ‘freedom' to our people.

What has been happening in Britain recently is part of a global struggle to prevent the establishment of Islam in society and state. The fanatical response to the Archbishop's comments reveals how desperate the west has become in trying to stop the tide of Islam.

This is because people all over the world have seen what secular ‘freedom' has brought to humanity. Colonialism, wars and chronic poverty in the third world are the fruits of two centuries of western exploitation of those countries. Here in Britain the tragic fruits of a secular society driven by rampant individualism and materialism are self evident to anyone with a heart or a conscience: child abuse, drug abuse, alcoholism, violence amongst the youth, rape and dishonour of women, neglect of the elderly and chronic depression. Families are breaking down and there are growing numbers of teenage pregnancies and single mothers. Unsupported parents struggle to raise their children properly, as they are forced to work to make ends meet. Mothers are pressurised to work, as parenting is no longer valued in society. Women have been reduced to sexual commodities left to the forces of the market. The culture of disrespect and individualism has increased so much that anti-social behavior is rife, people are not safe in cities and the elderly are abandoned and sometimes left to die alone in their homes.

The Islamic Shariah did not simply come to stone the adulterer or cut the thieves hands. The Shariah was revealed by Allah (swt) to bring harmony and stability in society and to prevent the excesses in human behaviour that have led to chaos in the world. The Islamic society builds a society based on taqwa, respect for the law of Allah and respect for others beliefs, property, life and honour. Whilst secular Western society raises people with the idea that you are free to do whatever you please, the Islamic society raises people with a sense of responsibility and consciousness about others. The Shariah demands that people of different faiths are respected, allowing them the space to practice and implement their own religious and family laws. It does not allow the wanton insults to anyone's beliefs.


Dear Brothers and Sisters

Our community cannot remain silent over this blatant attack upon Islam. The future of our communities and our Islam is being threatened here in the West. It requires us to take lessons from the Prophet (SAW) when he was in Makkah. He (saw) was ridiculed, insulted and harassed in the most derogatory ways by the Quraysh. How did our beloved Prophet (saw) respond to such attacks?

The Prophet (saw) first of all was the best example for humanity. When the people in Makkah used to meet him they could not believe he (saw) was the man that Quraysh were lying about because he (saw) was characterized by the most sublime personality. Following the example of the Prophet (saw) we must demonstrate in ourselves how the Shariah has taught us to emulate that sublime personality. The non-Muslims around us must see how Islam makes us kind to our neighbours, respect our elders, be merciful to our children, and be honest in our dealings and trustworthy in our transactions.


Verily in the messenger of Allah you have a good example for him who looks unto Allah and the last Day, and remembers Allah much. (TMQ Surah al - Ahzab 33:21)


In addition to this he (saw) was the best in carrying the Dawah to the society of jahilliyah in Makkah. He intellectually addressed the ills in the society through debate and discussion and showed how Islam can bring a just and civilised society for humankind. Similarly we must embark on an intellectual path of dawah to the non-Muslims around us. This will help people understand why Muslims are trying so hard to end the chaos in our lands and establish the Islamic Khilafah State there. To do this we must learn about our deen, and engage with the non-Muslims who are being fed lies and propaganda on a daily basis. Let us respond to their emotional attacks with intellectual arguments from Islam.


"Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for thy Lord knows best, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance." (TMQ Surah al - Nahl 16:125)


Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain is working amongst you with these objectives. We urge you brothers and sisters to participate with us in this work so that we can follow the Prophet (saw) and seek the blessings and help of Allah (swt).


"And if they turn away [from righteousness], know that Allah is your Protector - how excellent a Protector and how excellent a Helper!" (TMQ Surah al - Anfal 8:40)


Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain 

5th Safar 1429 12th February 2008





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